Horizon Datasys approached Thrill for a complete branding and website system overhaul. Their website was ASP and built on the .NET platform.

Their difficultly was working with developers abroad on this as it was built on a complex content management system. Our solution was to build a custom system from scratch with the latest web technologies while integrating their core business components; an ecommerce portal and their online quotation system.

Horizon DataSys started out in 1998 as a systems integrator providing managed PC solutions to the educational sector. This sector had a simple need – to streamline the process of re-imaging PC’s after each students’ usage. Thus was born Reboot Restore Rx:Professional (Formerly Drive Vaccine). Reboot Restore Rx: Professional today, has evolved to become the most robust and flexible single-baseline auto-restore software available.

Horizon DataSys has a diverse customer base ranging from end-point home users to large corporate server clients. Our client portfolio consists of hundreds of School systems across North America and leading corporations such as Intel, Bloomberg, UPS, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn, nVidia, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Client: Horizon Data Sys

Category: Software/IT


Ecommerce Integration
Online Quotation System
Branding – Logo & Corporate Identity
Product Branding, Elements & Deployment
User Interface Design
Advertising Pieces
Apparel Design
Package Design
Web Design
Web Development
Responsive Web Design
Search Engine Optimization