Café Ça Va approached Thrill Media for a new website and fresh brand visuals. I developed a design language around bold lines, depth, and collaged product images to capture the soul of French cuisine.

Located in the heart of beautiful West Vancouver, Café Ca Va is welcoming you with a warm and inviting ambiance. Atmosphere, décor and food will immediately embark you to a wonderful journey to France, where such vibrant, elegant bistros abound. Café Ca Va’s team takes pride in finding the best, freshest, seasonal and local ingredients. Their restaurant is a fine spot for a delightful breakfast or for a cheerful lunch. If it’s time for a romantic dinner or a relaxed meal with friends, their team will make sure that you will experience a moment of happiness where time stops and Joie de Vivre comes alive!

They were honoured and grateful to be the winner of the best “2017 Restaurant Award” on the Northshore by Vancouver Magazine.

Client: CAFÉ ÇA VA

Branding – Logo & corporate identity
Brand elements
Collateral design
Advertising pieces
Apparel design
Package design
Web design/development